Our Story

“Sorry, we don’t stock those in your size”. This is the one statement that has struck me like a knife to the heart every time I walk into a shoe store. I was lucky enough to be born with the unholy trinity of wearing killer heels. My feet are too wide, too long and to top things off I also have a high arch. These three problems have made finding beautiful shoes, or just any shoes in general, extremely difficult for me.  Not only was it frustrating just trying to find a pair of practical shoes for everyday wear, but it was heart breaking as well to see all the gorgeous high heels and to know they don’t stock them in my size.  The constant disappointment of people telling me that they don’t have my size is what has inspired me to make sexy, exciting and inspiring high heeled footwear readily available for women who have the same struggles as I do.

So welcome to Captivate Shoes! New Zealand’s hottest selection of heels for people with larger feet, helping make you feel like the goddess you deserve to be! Whether it’s for that special event or that special someone, we will endeavour to accommodate you with the hottest styles and the best service around!

So please enjoy browsing my selection. If you need any further assistance then please feel free to contact me!