How To Make Your Heels Fit Better

Shoe Is Too Long

If you have purchased a shoe, but you find it is just that little bit too long for your feet, then try inserting gel cushions to fill in some space to make your shoe a tighter fit.

You can achieve a tighter shoe by inserting ball of foot gel cushions, they not only prop your foot a little higher so that the shoe’s toe straps keep your foot in place, but they add extra grip under the ball of the foot to prevent the foot from slipping in your heels. 

*Tip: Ball of foot gel cushions will make your high heels even smaller when used with heel grips.



Heel grips, when inserted to the back of the shoe, will add a layer of padding that pushes your foot towards to front of your shoes, making a tighter fit.

Shoe Is Too Wide

A shoe that is too wide is generally a loose fit.  Some extra cushioning to “bulk up” the shoe will be the best solution to create a better fitting shoe.  Full length inserts are a great solution to making a bigger shoe smaller. The full length inserts are very similar to the ball of foot insert, the only difference being that it covers the entire length of the shoe, not just a certain area.  This insert type will also work best with a heel grip, which will push your feet closer to the front of the shoe.

Foot Is Slipping Out Of Shoe

There is nothing more annoying than feet that slip in and out of your shoes with every step you try and take!  The best and most effective way of preventing this problem is ...Heel Grips! They are designed to secure to the inside back heel of the shoe, the extra padding will shorten the length of the shoe and push your foot towards the front of the high heel creating a snug fit.  The heel grips also prevent blisters as there is no constant friction from the back of your heels rubbing against the shoe.


Adding a few of these inexpensive shoe accessories to achieve a tighter fitting shoe is never a bad idea, especially if you found a pair of high heels you have fallen head over heels for, but there are no half sizes available.  

If you are considering getting some of these gel inserts then you should also read about the other awesome benefits they have here.  Like preventing sore feet!