How To Walk In High Heels

#1 Heel to Toe NOT Toe to Heel

Learning to walk in heels is all about putting the heel down and then the toe.  Aim to walk as normally as possible. When you walk in your flats you don’t put your whole foot down at once, so pretend you're wearing those flats and walk naturally. When it comes to stairs always make sure to put the ball of your foot onto the stair before you bring your stiletto heel down and remember to hold on to the railing!

#2 Stand Straight, Shoulders Back

Wearing high heels shifts your weight forward, so in order to stop you from feeling like you’re going to topple over stand straight with your shoulders back, you will feel more balanced while looking confident and sexy!

#3 Platform Soles

Platform high heels may appear insanely high, but they're not as bad as they look. They can actually be easier to walk in than heels without a platform, the reason for this being that the platform at the front of the shoe makes the stiletto heel feel shorter.  A 6 inch heel with a 1 inch platform, for instance, will feel like you are walking on a 5 inch heel, which is a lot more reasonable!

#4 Wear Heels with a Strap

While learning how to walk in heels, you might want to choose a heel with a thicker strap.  A thicker strap will not only give you added support, but will make the shoe more comfortable. A high heel similar to the style EVE 02 would be your best bet while getting use to heels.   


#5 Correct shoe size

Having a high heel that fits your feet is essential when it come to wearing heels.  A shoe that is too tight could become extremely uncomfortable when worn for a long period of time, and a shoe that is too big can be dangerous, you may even end up slipping out of it which could lead to a sprained or rolled ankle.

If you’re buying online pay attention to sizing charts, and if required measure your foot to make sure you’re choosing your correct size.  There are simple solutions to fixing a shoe that is slightly too big for you, but there is not a whole lot that can be done for a shoe that is too small.  You can read about how to make your shoes fit you better here.

#6 Eliminate any Pain

Cushions and inserts will become your best friend! Sometimes heels can cause rubbing on the back of the foot or aching in the heel and balls of the foot, it can be almost impossible to maintain a graceful walk in your heels when your feet are killing you!  Preventing any pain your high heels may cause will help you achieve your confident strut. There are a few ways of dealing with these problems, you can try using gel inserts to create extra padding, therefore extra comfort for the soles of the feet.  A heel grip can also be inserted onto the back of the shoe to stop your feet from rubbing. No rubbing means no blisters!

#7 Dress for the Occasion

If you’re going out to a fancy dinner where you know you’ll be sitting down the whole time, then go ahead, pull out your sexiest stiletto heels! But if you are going to be doing a lot of walking around then you might want to opt for a more stable and comfortable heel.

#8 Walk on the Invisible Line

Pretend there is an invisible line in front of you and then walk on it! It’s like your invisible catwalk, a straight line to wherever you're going. You’ll also notice while wearing your heels that you’ll need to slow your pace down more than usual, this is normal and every woman who wears stilettos has to walk a little slower.  Don’t rush and just take your time.

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