High Heels Designed for Wide Feet

Trying to find high heels that would fit my wide feet had been a real battle for me.  The shoes I tried on were always so narrow, it was either impossible for me to get my foot into them or if I did manage to squeeze my foot in they would be really uncomfortable. For people who struggle with the same problem as I do there is one solution, that is a ‘wide fit’ shoe. A shoe that is specifically designed for a wide foot, because feet do come in all different shapes and sizes! There are a few different...

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How To Walk In High Heels

Learning how to walk in high heels? Then try these 8 easy tips which work!

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“We Don’t Stock Those In YOUR Size"…How It All Began

For the first time in my life I felt like I had sexy feet, I looked like every other woman who wore those size 10 heels.  That’s when I realised that I wasn’t a freak, I looked darn good in those heels and the problem lied with the companies who didn’t cater for girls with totally normal feet like me.

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